DDI Development Pack Scholarship Details

Below are details on the DDI Scholarship that is provided to RedChair.

“Interaction Essentials for Leaders” (1-hour Web-based training)

In ‘Interaction Essentials for Leaders’, participants learn when and how to use interpersonal skills that will enable them to prepare for, lead, and participate in a variety of interactions that are critical to accomplishing work goals. Using these skills also helps leaders build stronger relationships at work with peers and team members and even outside work with family, friends, and the community.

OPAL (Online Performance and Learning) – like a Coach in Your Pocket.

DDI’s online learning library is designed for women to build skills on your own – just for you, just in you, just you. Our digital content includes 70+ micro-courses targeted to address specific skills or common workplace situations. This is web-based software (‘in the cloud’) that provides asynchronous access to just-in-time learning content. No required start /end, no exams, no sequence. It’s just in time and just enough.

“Your First Leadership Job” by Tacy M. Byham and Rich Wellins.​

The book has sold over 20,000 copies and has 40 5-star reviews on Amazon. Last month a female blogger wrote a review calling it ‘resourceful, reassuring and it gave me confidence I can still build my career of leadership despite an early set-back’. It’s a great resource, since “Your First Leadership Job” aligns with the content in the learning journey including a special chapter for women leaders.


This new mobile offering is the only app that empowers emerging and informal women leaders to work successfully with and through others. Led by Chip (your new, affable robot friend and mentor), users navigate through workplace challenges, reflect on how to better understanding others, and learn how to communicate to help others understand them.

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RedChair Scholarships

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