RedChair Scholarships

Women comprise half the world’s population but do not play an equal role in inventing the technology that will solve the difficult problems faced by our society today. RedChairPGH encourages Pittsburgh companies and the technical community to correct that imbalance and foster a stronger local technical talent pool. We envision a future where Pittsburgh is the standard-bearer in developing and retaining a diverse technical community. With funds from event sponsorship and generous donations, RedChairPGH has created a scholarship program. The RedChairPGH scholarship is intended for leadership development programs for a mid-career woman in tech.

How Do We Define A “Mid-Career Woman In Tech?”

A mid-career professional has moved past entry level (i.e. her first job out of school,) but isn’t nearing the end of her career (i.e. retirement.) Mid-career is not defined by age or years of experience, but instead, is a professional who has not yet reached an executive role. We define “in tech” as someone who is a practitioner within Information Technology, Information Systems or Computer Science or an individual who works for a Tech Company. A practitioner could fall under the following four verticals: Infrastructure/Operations/Support; Software Development Lifecycle, Project Management Office, and/or Creative/Interactive/Design.

What We Expect

Our expectations from you if you receive a scholarship:

  1. You will clear your calendar and your distractions and attend with an open mind.
  2. You will consider serving as a mentor for a younger or less experienced woman in tech.
  3. You will attend our ​annual​ event and share your experiences with the attendees there.

2021 Scholarships Options

Cybersecurity at Pitt

The University of Pitt is offering a Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Regulations Class where you will run through real-world data breaches and their consequences. Thanks to a generous donation from Ansys, several women will be funded to attend the 2021 Cybersecurity, Privacy and Regulation course, a 4-week online course offered by the University of Pittsburgh’s Professional Institute at the School of Computing and Information. For additional details, read more.

Executive Coaching

During your CEO Mindset Executive Coaching sessions you’ll take stock of your current career outcomes and develop a strategy to foster increased growth and success. For additional details,  read more.

EDGE Jumpstart Workshop

We’re excited to host—for the very first time—the 2021 EDGE Leadership Virtual Jumpstart Workshop! This new program—brought to you virtually by the Pittsburgh Technology Council and EDGE Leadership Solutions on August 19-20, 2021. For additional details, read more.