RedChair Scholarships

Women comprise half the world’s population but do not play an equal role in inventing the technology that will solve the difficult problems faced by our society today. RedChairPGH encourages Pittsburgh companies and the technical community to correct that imbalance and foster a stronger local technical talent pool. We envision a future where Pittsburgh is the standard-bearer in developing and retaining a diverse technical community. With funds from event sponsorship and generous donations, RedChairPGH has created a scholarship program. The RedChairPGH scholarship is intended for leadership development programs for a mid-career woman in tech.

How Do We Define A “Mid-Career Woman In Tech”?

A mid-career professional has moved past entry level (i.e. her first job out of school,) but isn’t nearing the end of her career (i.e. retirement.) Mid-career is not defined by age or years of experience, but instead, is a professional who has not yet reached an executive role. We define “in tech” as someone who is a practitioner within Information Technology, Information Systems or Computer Science or an individual who works for a Tech Company. A practitioner could fall under the following four verticals: Infrastructure/Operations/Support, Software Development Lifecycle, Project Management Office, and/or Creative/Interactive/Design.

What We Expect

Our expectations from you if you receive a scholarship:

  1. You will clear your calendar and your distractions and attend with an open mind.
  2. You will consider serving as a mentor for a younger or less experienced woman in tech.
  3. Along with the other recipients, you will participate in a video/slide show sharing how your scholarship experience was significant to you.

What To Expect as a Scholarship Applicant

  • Applicants can apply for scholarships starting on March 8th. The application process will close on April 29th.
  • The scholarship recipients will be announced the week of May 6th. The recipients will be contacted at the email address they provided in the scholarship application form.

2024 Scholarships Options

RedChairPGH Brave Retreat

The RedChairPGH Brave WOMEN Retreat takes place IN PERSON over 1.5 days in August. The retreat is designed specifically for our scholarship program by Holly McIlwain, a leader in Talent Development and founder of the Brave Women Project. The retreat promises to build on your strengths and light the spark to impact your whole self as a woman in technology. SCHOLARSHIP INCLUDES LODGING, MEALS, TRAINING & MATERIALS. For additional details, learn more.

Executive Coaching

Receive three CEO Mindset Executive Coaching sessions.

Accelerate your career, manage boundaries, create wellbeing and be the CEO of your life. In these customized sessions, you’ll gain clarity to make decisions from a position of strength and identify actions to optimize your personal and professional life. For additional details, learn more.

Online DDI Development Pack

The DDI Development Pack is a completely online leadership development series from Development Dimensions International. You can complete the training at your own pace. For additional details, learn more.

You X Digital Program

The You X Digital Program is a digital coaching program from Neysha Arcelay, a well-being coach guiding business leaders to overcome burnout, heal, and train your mind and your energy to work for you. Learn how to thrive regardless of the circumstances surrounding you and rise from within. The You X Program focuses on shifting your energy, reigniting your sense of purpose, helping you develop an empowered mindset, and enabling you to take charge of your path. Learn more.